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Mechanical polishing

Mechanical Polishing / Hand Polishing

Here at Aps we have a 14 man team of  experienced Mechanical ( hand polishers ) all capable of completing the most challenging of projects.

All our polishers are fully versant in the following finishes

DP1/DP2 (Dull polished)
Brushed / Satin
Non directional dull (no grain)
Commercial bright
Super bright
NUCLEAR/FOOD & pharmaceuticals
Grits (36 – 1200)
Ra certified (0.01μ – 40μ)
Nuclear (N1 – N12)

On request, all finishes can be certified and documented.


Other Services

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Coming soon in 2018  ....
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This service is beneficial, when the parts are fixed in situe or  are simply too large to transport.          ....
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Ace Polishing Services Ltd are able to provide a comprehensive Glass bead blast cleaning service to the stainless fabrication and manufacturing industry throughout the Northwest / uk Glass ....

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